NYSSMA logo A solo piece listed in the most current NYSSMA Manual Three scales from memory based on the level of their solo A sight reading piece selected.... The NYSSMA Solo Festival for voice and instruments this year will be held in a virtual format: ... (Sophomore and Juniors performing a level 6 solo are eligible for all-state). Please have your private ... RECENT NYSSMA MANUAL. TITLE OF.... Jun 24, 2012 o For the audition, students must perform a Level 6 piece from the NYSSMA Manual. o If selected for All-State, endorsement of the student's high.... level 2 (see yellow pages of your NYSSMA manual). Junior All-County Orchestra. Grades 6 and 7. Violin, Viola, Cello: Prepare 2 two-octave scales and 5.... Do the performance standards indicate the levels of performance students should ... from NYSSMA Manual, Edition XXIII, permission pending: Level 1:very easy.. NYSSMA adjudicators are professional teacher/musicians who have received ... the audition, students must perform a Level 6 piece from the NYSSMA Manual.. May 17, 2018 My daughter prepared her solo and found out at the 11th hour that it is no longer in the manual for level 6 NY All state? It's still listed on Hickeys,.... NYSSMA Solo and Small Ensemble Festival. Festival Details: ... o All-State (Level 6; 10 th & 11th grade ... NYSSMA manual and delivers to AC. Inquire at least.... Dec 16, 2013 Requirements as published in the NYSSMA Manual are written in red, ... Serious students perform solos on NYSSMA Level 6 through careful... 538a28228e

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